Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Spring has come

28th of March was my birthday I got a birthday e-mail from my mom who lived in Japan. She said that usually Japan has had full of cherry blossoms every year on my birthday but this year only a few trees have bloomed. It looks as if they know what's going on in Japan after the big, big disaster.

We don't realise that our life is made of piece of miracles. To be born, to walk, to speak,to listen,to eat, to meet someone, everything we do in our ordinary days are actually the most precious things. I just thought so after watching numbers and numbers of news about the disaster.

A day before 28th, my house mates throw a lovely garden BBQ for my birthday. It was warm enough in the day time, birds were singing and all the trees in the garden seemed about to bloom. I saw a happiness in our small garden.

I appreciate from bottom of my hear to my great mum and to the fact that I live, create and have many lovely friends around. And I do wish all the sorrow and pain of people who have been suffered by the quake will away soon and we could create a better and more beautiful country.


私たちの生活が実はたくさんの小さな奇跡の集積であると気づくのは難しい。生まれおちて、歩き、話し、聞き、食べて 誰かに出逢う、私たちが当たり前の日常でしていることこそがかけがえのないものだと、止めどなく流れる震災のニュースを見て思った。



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